ICO Description

Varanida is a digital ecosystem that is being designed to benefit all three stakeholders in the advertising marketplace.

  1. Advertisers: Companies who want to promote their products and services in a more engaging way, while respecting users’ privacy and experience, and avoiding fraud. Also companies who want their advertising budgets to go further by removing intermediaries.
  2. Publishers: Content providers and media sites of any format who want to monetise their content without hurting their audience. Also publish18 ers who want to earn more money from the ads they show by removing intermediaries.
  3. Users: Anyone consuming content on the Internet, especially those looking to control what advertising they are exposed to, and how their data is used.

The Varanida Network acts as an enabler and a neutral actor in the advertising marketplace, taking close to a 0% commission (network fees will be lower than 1%) on advertising spend. We are designing Varanida to be fair, transparent, and trusted by all parties, and most importantly, we are committed to bringing real value to all three stakeholders.

Airdrop procedure
  • Install Varanida's extension on Google Chrome

  • Enter this referral address 0x923757009eafa6daeb9daeec149b1a641b9eb714 and get 20 extras VAD tokens

  • Earn 50 VAD by creating a wallet address on Varanida's extension

  • Earn 20 VAD each time you refer a friend

  • Start earning VAD tokens simply by browsing internet

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