ICO Description

QuizBeat is the next big skill gaming platform creating a completely new category of
innovative peer-to-peer skill games. Poker, Daily Fantasy Sports can be played for real money
against other players but nowadays face high skill gaps and barriers for entries of new players.
QuizBeat solves these issues by focussing the game design and economics from the ground
around recreational players.

QuizBeat highlights

  1. Superstar founding team with former CEO of PokerStrategy.com (7 million members, $400 million revenue) as well as the Mobenga founder and “father of mobile sportsbetting”. Both with two digit million Dollar exits to Playtech Plc, the world's biggest gambling provider.
  2. Mass market revenue generation focus with skill games around sport, Esport and trivia. Solving the skill gap issue competing against other players for money. Initial focus on accepting fiat currency (not DApp at start) and attracting gambling affine customers in USA & Asia (games of skill being legal) while outcompeting traditional sportsbetting in regulated gambling markets with a more accessible and fun jackpot p2p sport prediction skill game.
  3. Strong token buying demand via our reverse Binance token model within our underlying treasure chest cashback system. Providing high volume players and VIPs which are responsible for majority of fiat revenues the option to receive more fiat cashback by using QUIZ tokens. Token demand grows with revenue growth and used tokens will go into a long term reserve fund.
  4. Our “game-fee mining” which brings new users for the first time into crypto. QuizBeat games can be played for fiat or for cryptocurrency buy-ins. Part of the fiat and cryptocurrency fees the platform earns, are being given back to players via our treasure chest cashback system. The fees taken in cryptocurrency from games played in crypto, will be redistributed in treasure chests to ALL players, even the ones who played only with fiat. This provides great opportunities for partnerships with exchanges and other big players in the crypto industry who want to reach out to completely new customer demographics without crypto(trading) experience yet.
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